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New pavilion added to William Looney Tavern historical site

REACH sites to be open this Saturday

Black River Technical College has completed construction of a pavilion at the William Looney Tavern site. Construction was ongoing throughout the summer of 2015. The pavilion was funded by a grant from ANCRC. More people, including schools and other large groups, will now be able to enjoy access to Looney Tavern as the pavilion includes public restrooms.

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Highway 67 Rock ‘n’ Roll Festival

Sonny Burgess, center, and his band performing at the Highway 67 Rock ‘n’ Roll Festival held Saturday in downtown Pocahontas. Burgess, and the Pacers recorded with Sun Records turning out hits that included “Ain’t Got a Thing,” “My Bucket’s Got a Hole in It,” and “Sadie’s Back in town,” has been making his mark in music both nationally and abroad since 1954. He worked with some of the top artists such as Carl Perkins, Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis and was the opening act for Johnny Cash for three years. Burgess and his band entertained the crowd with music from the early years of Rock ‘n’ Roll. The stage was set up at the Randolph County Courthouse.

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Rough start for row crop farmers this year

By Brandon Smith

POCAHONTAS- Harvest season is well underway in Randolph County with most yields being near average to a little below average this year so far. Regarding row crops, as of last week, the harvest has been slowed a bit due to heavy rain.

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Redskins victorious over Hornets 54-19

By Brandon Smith

were anywhere near the vicinity of Schoonover Stadium Friday night, you had to have felt Redskin excitement in the air as the ‘Skins hosted the 1-3 Harrisburg Hornets in their home opener of the season. The Redskins put on a show for the home crowd on both sides of the ball as they easily overtook the Hornets 54-19.

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Archer Realty Linemen of the Week2

Blytheville game:

Julie Courtney congratulates Koby Barnes offensive lineman and below defensive lineman - Sloan Rogers.

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