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Local group tours Peco Foods’ Batesville plant; meet community leaders

by Susan Johnson

Friday, April 17, I was invited to accompany a group consisting of Intermodal Authority members, community leaders, elected officials, volunteers and educational leaders to Batesville to tour the Peco Foods plant. We also met with Batesville community leaders to discuss preparation for what is believed to be an increase in population in the three county area (Randolph, Lawrence and Clay) as a result of Peco Foods coming to Northeast Arkansas.
Driving up to the Peco processing plant facility, from the outside, appeared just as any other factory. Once inside we were greeted by the reception and then taken to the plant manager’s office for briefing. Again, like any other factory setting.

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Chamber enters membership program with Air Evac

by Susan Johnson

The Randolph County Chamber of Commerce Board approved an endorsement to enter into a nonbinding membership program with Air Evac during its April 16 board meeting. Air Evac representative Chris Mackey, of Jonesboro, gave a presentation of the Infinity program which offers discounts for small business employees, 50 employees or less, who are chamber members. The agreement comes at no cost or obligation to the Chamber. Mackey said an average cost of an air flight medical emergency could go as high as $25,000, depending on the location. Membership dues are $65.00 annually and includes the entire household. With the Chamber’s endorsement, employees of businesses who are chamber members will receive a 10 percent discount of the annual rate.

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Holocaust survivor shares story with BRTC students and guests

by Jan Ziegler

Fred Hilsenrath was just a small child when Adolf Hitler came to power in Nazi Germany in 1933. Born in Leipzig, Fred and his family would experience the ever-tightening grip of the new regime as it marginalized German Jews and others deemed “inferior.” At about age 10, he was deported by the Nazis, along with many others in his family and his community,to Romania where they would endure lifethreatening hardship and desolation. When the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, the Hilsenrath family would again be deported, this time by the Romanian collaborators to a Ukrainian ghetto where the next three years would bring suffering, starvation, disease, devastation, and to many, death.

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Redskins defeat Nettleton 12-2

The Pocaontas Redskins defeated Nettleton 12-2 Friday in Pocahontas. Breydon Weitkamp had two doubles and knocked in three runs for the Redskins and Trey Hall added a two-run homer.

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